Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength—Sigmund Freud


Photo Source: Celeste Pascual

This quote intrigues me like no other. Vulnerabilities….the state of being exposed…the feeling of low and raw emotions…often fathomed as a sign of weakness…….that’s how a linear mind perceives it. That’s how vulnerability looks like at the surface.

Being vulnerable, however, isn’t being weak; being vulnerable is being human. Pain is real and it hurts….hurts a lot at times. When wounds wreak our hearts open, the choice is ours—whether to ignore the wound and get scarred for life or to tend to and heal it with self-compassion. And one of my favourite quotes “The thing with pain is…it demands to be felt” sums it all.  The only way to deal with pain is to feel it. And like you survived the wound…you’ll survive healing too.

Fear of rejection and being judged often keeps us from showing our vulnerable side to the world. However, if we look beneath this emotional nudity we’ll understand that the better we know how the pain feels the more capable we become to develop resistance and transform this pain into stepping stones of achieving emotional freedom.

Being vulnerable is the only way to feel your emotions in fullness. With vulnerabilities comes resistance, with vulnerabilities comes strength, with vulnerabilities comes courage and empathy. Vulnerabilities bring you face to face with those broken parts of yourself you’ve kept hidden from the world…and you learn to love them.

To be concise, vulnerabilities make you beautiful and authentic!


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