So what are you grateful for today?

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Melody Beattie

 Isn’t it ironical that though our modern lives are equipped with cutting edge technology that claims to save time, yet our lifestyle is getting hectic paced and nerve-racking than ever. The world around seems to be moving in a dizzying pace, and we just hasten to keep along. Everyone in rush, people tied to smartphones and laptops, unfeasible deadlines, maddening traffic, honking, road rage, overwhelming exhaustion, a few highlights of our so called modern lives.

Being crazy busy is the latest vogue. Moreover, our modern society breeds discontent by advertising flashy materialism.  Dreams, ambitions, excitement, money, success…it’s all good, but isn’t this frenzied quest of fulfilment driving people haywire? The fact is that no new achievement or success can bring you happiness and contentment if you’re not grateful for what you already have.

We can’t control the pace and hustle of the world around. But, at personal level, we can make a conscious attempt to lead a balanced, content, and happier life.  Slowing down a bit and appreciating life is a personal and conscious choice, which we make every day by learning to practise gratitude. Whatever the circumstances, one can always find something to be grateful for. And as Paul S Boynton says, once we learn the difference between a burnt potato and a catastrophe, we learn to laugh at small upsets and live more grateful and happier lives.


Photo Source: Letta Page

GratitudeAn Antidote to Unhappiness

Gratitude means being thankful, counting your blessings, and appreciating simple pleasures of life. Gratitude is the antidote to discontentment. It is one of the healthiest and medicinal emotions you can ever feel. The more you practise it, the more fulfilling your life becomes. It redirects our mind from what we don’t have to what we already have and turns it into enough. Gratitude unfailingly lifts our mood and spirit paving way to an abundant life. Moreover, gratitude strengthens our relationships for it requires us to acknowledge other people’s contribution in our well being and happiness.

Goodness of Gratitude

Robert Emmons, one of the eminent scientific experts on gratitude, reveals that gratitude is proven to have significant impact on our physical, psychological and social well being. A series of studies conducted by his team shows that people practising gratitude have better immune system and they sleep better. Such people are known to have higher levels of optimism and happiness, and are less likely to suffer from depression. Grateful people are more compassionate, helpful and forgiving.

Practising Gratitude

Gratitude is magical and holds the power to transform your woes into bliss and happiness. Practising gratitude is a two step process—feeling and expressing, both of which are equally important. Maintaining a daily gratitude journal can be a good start. Notice the little things in day to day life that you feel grateful for and note them down. Expressing gratitude is the next step. A note of thanks, a phone call, or a meeting with person you owe a word of thanks is a wonderful exercise for practising gratitude.

Say Thanks in Advance

One of the shortcuts to happiness is expressing gratitude in advance. When you feel and express this magical emotion before things actually happen, you send out a positive message to the universe.  Positive energy emanates from your heart out to the universe and then back to you. Stay happy for who you are and be grateful for what you want to become. Take the magic of gratitude wherever you go. Infuse your life, challenges, hardships, passions and relationships with gratitude and see the magic happen.  Give gratitude to people before they do anything for you. Give gratitude for the life you want. Give gratitude to the universe for making things happen in your favour.


Photo Source: woodleywonderworks

The answer to a happy and abundant life is inside your heart waiting to come forth. Let it come out…say thank you. Feel it inside, say it to yourself, say it aloud, and do it often. Find gratitude, find happiness!


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