On those not-so-good days!

We all have them… good days and not so good days. Not every day turns up the way we want. There are days that take unpredictable turns and become difficult to handle. So what do you do on those not-so-good days.


Photo Source: martinak15

Being Kind to Yourself

We all understand that there are no magic spells or strategies to get over the difficulties and bounce back instantly. So, the first most thing is to remind yourself that you’ve been there earlier. You have handled challenging situations and successfully got through them. So being little gentle with yourself won’t hurt. Don’t feel guilty if you need some rest or me time. In fact, paying heed to these essential needs is as important as taking a step towards your goal.

Make a Choice

These challenging days not just affect your productivity; they seem to amplify bad mood and everyday frustrations. Fear and anxiety surround you and day to day problems seem to escalate out of control. After all, there are so many things in life to be fearful and anxious about. And the more you feed these negative thoughts with your attention, the more they haunt you.

So you’ve just two options to choose from— Focus your energy and time on things you’ve no control over and feel awful, or look around and notice things well under your control and make a difference. And we essentially need to make this choice, not to ignore the real time challenges, but to redirect our attention and thoughts from what we can’t to what we can.

Get Going

The greatest antidote to challenges is action. Once you get going, difficulties begin to fade away. To start with you don’t have to take big steps; just shift your focus and look for a way out to get unstuck. Getting unstuck is the first step towards your goals. If you’re facing a block of some sort, try fixing a broken toy, bake cookies, clean those drawers, read your favorite book or make someone’s day with a kind word or smile. There are many people out there who might need your help. With small actions and positive attitude you can influence anyone’s day as well as your own. And it’s always a win-win situation. When you make things happen, energy starts flowing and eventually you can find a way back to your own path and goals.

Terrible Days Get Over Too

Even the most terrible days don’t last for more than 24 hours. Now that’s good news…eh? Looking forward to a new tomorrow and a new beginning is always a good idea. You may feel like being on the end of rope at times, but the glimpse of finish line may elicit hope again. If you have had one of those difficult days today, put your plans and worries at ease for the night. Take few deep breaths and then breathe out stress and breathe in peace. Now drift into a comforting sleep and get ready to welcome a new beginning with a rainbow of new opportunities and hope.


Photo Source:Max and Dee Bernt

Believe me, a bright new day is just around the corner and you’ve all reasons in the world to smile and be hopeful about it. 🙂


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