Sowing Seeds of Happiness

Once I heard a beautiful story. A story that entranced me and continues to inspire me till today. There was this woman traveler who used to carry flower seeds with her everywhere she went.  She would just shed few of them at every place she visited. When asked about this, she said, “I might not visit this place again, but by sowing these seeds I make sure that I’m leaving behind something beauteous. Once these seeds grow into plants and bear flowers, they would put a smile on someone’s face. Their fragrance will make someone’s day. And I shall have my intent fulfilled and my presence felt.”

Simple yet mind-blowing, isn’t it? Does it take a lot to adopt this simple philosophy in life? What if we, yes you and me, start sowing seeds of happiness around us? Yes, I know, we all are busy for sure. Work, home, finances, kids, traffic, and what not. But, does it take too much to stop by for a minute and smell those roses or admire the rainbow in the sky? Or sending out a kind compliment to someone that can make their day? Or smiling at a perfect stranger? Or just counting your blessings and feeling grateful? And if you feel you’re too busy to do any of these, you need to slow down indeed.


Photo Credit: Alex

Well, if you ask me what my childhood dream was, I would unhesitatingly say that I wanted to leave a mark on the world in some way. Life moved on and priorities changed. Excuses like studies, career, time, money and ambiguity of going ahead kept me from pursuing it. Over time, however, I’ve realized one thing; all you have is today. This is the moment, this very moment that you need to make count. If you’re still wondering from where to start, consider the following.

Being Happy Yourself

How can you give out something which you don’t have? So, in order to spread happiness you should have it in abundance. Imagine what an undernourished heart and love deprived soul can provide to the world as compared against the ones that are satiated. So it’s never mean tending to your own needs, it’s rather essential. Never link your happiness to a person or situation. Because, by doing so, you cage your happiness and well being, and then give the keys in someone else’s hands.  Happiness blooms from within. So go on and nourish yours. Then spread some around you.

Staying Positive

Real happiness is deeply rooted in positive thinking and exemplifying actions. Thoughts are a real entity and positivity travels in ripples. One small cause can make a big effect. One small act of kindness and affection can go a long way in making someone’s day. So before you hit the bed tonight, share an inspirational quote, send a loving note, or make that call which you know can bring a smile across someone’s face.

Practicing Empathy

Empathy is the magic word the world needs most today. You need not act on someone’s problems, just being there when they need you, makes all the difference. Empathy is a great healer. The feeling that someone understands and cares is beyond everything. So include empathy in your daily routine.

Being Kind to People

Kindness is contagious and it never gets wasted; rather both the giver and the taker get blessed. Kindness, in fact, is the cornerstone of all good things in the world.  So what are you waiting for…there’s plenty to do. Smile at people, bake cookies for someone, pay for someone’s coffee , greet your neighbors, surprise a loved one with the roses, express gratitude…and just go on to add some more into the list.

Being Someone’s Angel

Never hesitate to offer help if you find someone struggling. Even if they tell you they’re fine, this kind gesture will make them feel better. A simple sign of acknowledgement in the form of a warm smile, a complement, or just a hello can brighten anyone’s day. Give your newspaper to a stranger, buy someone lunch,  leave behind a copy of an inspirational book in the park, help someone with the luggage, treat friends without a reason, tell someone how much you appreciate them.


Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Happiness begins with me, you, us…scatter it around like confetti. Come…let’s take the happiness pledge here and start sowing the little seeds of happiness to make this world a better place.


8 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds of Happiness

  1. Very true Asma, n u have put it across in such simple yet heart touching words which will make anyone who reads this want to follow these simple yet most effective ways to make this world a better place.

    Liked by 1 person

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