Why Sons are Special too!

“His little hands stole my heart….and his little feet ran away with it.”

Having a girl child is one of the utmost joys beyond doubt. They are cute and pretty and adorable…daddy’s princess…mommy’s darling…granny’s doll and an absolute delight for everyone in the family. Such charming colorful butterflies fluttering around the house, who would not want to have them around, eh?

I still remember those days when both of us (hubby and I), desperately wanted to have a baby girl, and ended up buying so much of girlie stuff long before the baby came. Though my instincts always told me otherwise.

Every now and then I hear from family and friends how amazing and special little girls are. I absolutely agree and I never miss admiring those cute little dolls myself. And then er, there are posts doing rounds on social media about daughter’s day, daughter’s week…and share if you have a daughter etc.  But hang on, when I come to think of it, I never rue about having a boy and not a girl. And I don’t feel any less of a mother. In fact, my son has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.

Trust me a mother-son bond is like no other. It’s special; it’s wonderful; terrific and sometimes inexplicable. And here’s how it feels when you are a mom to a little boy.

Being a little boy’s mom means warm cuddles, thoughtful gestures and those awe going compliments from a miniature gentleman. They’re such nice little romantics. (Every time I hear, “Mumma, you are beautiful”, I’m on cloud nine.)

Being a little boy’s mom means skipping a heart beat at every breath-taking stunt.

Being a little boy’s mom means admiring and cherishing those charming boyish grins with mischief in the eyes.

Being a little boy’s mom means finding screw drivers under the sofa. 

Being a little boy’s mom means falling in love with planes, trains, trucks and automobiles.

Being a little boy’s mom means shopping would be a cake walk. Though you may utter a sigh seeing those colorful (all pink) apparels and matching accessories.

Being a little boy’s mom means knowing that roughhousing is innate, er, forget about a spotless house.

Being a little boy’s mom means surrendering to muddy shoes and stained clothes.

Being a little boy’s mom means putting up with a goofy sense of humor.

Being a little boy’s mom means listening to those tales of adventure in a cute voice that you know would change into a deeper, manlier voice.

Being a little boy’s mom means knowing that one day you’ll have to look up to talk to him.

Being a little boy’s mom means added responsibility of raising a man who would be kind, gentle and respectful to those pretty little girls once they’re grown up (And to everyone else of course).

Being a little boy’s mom will harden you, soften you and change you forever.


Photo Source: Isengardt

Being a mom (whether to a boy or a girl) is the most awesome and miraculous thing you would ever experience in life. The essence of the whole thing is that motherhood is an unparalleled privilege that needs to be celebrated, no matter whether it was brought to you by a girl or a boy. Every child irrespective of the gender needs same amount of affection. Celebrate daughters, but appreciate sons too. Believe me, they’re equally adorable.


18 thoughts on “Why Sons are Special too!

  1. Asma u stile d words out of my mouth…I couldn’t agree more.More Dan hubby its my son who compliments me every day n he is in aww wen I drape a saree..He is d best gift I could ever ask for…

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  2. Dear Asma,
    It was a pleasure reading your blog. True, being a mother to a boy or a girl is the best thing to happen to a woman. Infact a boy is the biggest fan of his mother, always appreciating his Mom’s way of dressing, cooking , etc. So happy for you that you are enjoying your motherhood. Wish you and your family all the best.
    Oh and kee

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